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Web Audio

Putting high quality audio on the web takes more than a sound card and software. Audio is still an acoustic event. The recording environment, the proper use of microphones, the processing and editing all contribute to the success or failure of good web audio.

The spoken word is a powerful communicator. Not only does speech convey content, the inflection and delivery conveys sincerity and interest. It is also method of communicating when the eyes are needed for other task. Why not take my Corporate Talk Radio concept and stream it for your employees?

Sure anyone can record content and load it to the web. If you want to sound professional then your audio content needs to be web prepped. Tight editing makes you sound like you know what you are talking about. The right touch of equalization, compression and other tricks of the trade can make a difference in how your sound. If you are going to play it for the world, do it right.

I've been producing the audio for The Moonlit Road since it's launch. Working with story tellers to convey the story in audio.

The Pet Files, was heard on petradio.com, formerly a weekly local radio program, found the internet to be an effective outlet for delivering their programs to a much broader audience.
I also did host the hostess for Nextbook.com during this programs early start up. (Being NY based they ultimately moved the operation home.)
I have edited audio content for IT Conversations and The Conversations Network.

Don Kennedy of Big Band Jump selected me to prepare his radio program files for streaming on the internet before the performance license fee issues concluded that operation.

Sure you can do it yourself, but what will you sound like?

If you need interviews or "double enders" from Atlanta or the SE, give me a call.