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Location Recording

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Interview, presentations or panels. Radio or Audio for Video.

If you need an interview recorded for use in your video, corporate communications or web audio podcast, I can help. I record in the field with CF or SD cards with Sound Devices recorders and Sennheiser, AKG, AT, Sanken, Shure, Oktava, or EV microphones. Audio Gear .

Sound for Film and Video
Much of my sound for pix is proprietary training content. I can share these recent public pieces:

Wesleyan School Christmas Card 2017 (Production Sound)

2013 CSX-City Year Service Day: Atlanta, GA
Meet the Author: Wax, Woodsmall & Cook
Partnership Gwinnett - 2013 Sustainability Summit   Part 1   Part 2   Part 3
Jerffery Deaver

Strapping in to set levels for on track scene.

Horror Hotel The Webseries
- Production Sound and Dialogue Edit:

Available links vary over time.
Peachtree Road Farmer's Market - Battle of the Chiefs

Tracking 6 chiefs for two cameras.
Each chief was wired and all tracks were recorded iso.
Each camera had a receiver to dial in the chief they were shooting plus the boom and interview mic.

Radio Stringer
Known in the radio industry as a stringer, I can go to your subjects location, do a quick equipment set up and you can interview the subject using the telephone. If you record your questions at the same time, the two recordings can be married together to create what sounds like an over the table interview. This is often referred to as a double ender or tape sync. After the interview, my recording can be shipped to you on MD, CD or I can use the internet for an ftp or a file download to you.

I have recorded double enders for NPR, Studio 360, the Osgood Files, Market Place, The World, Weekend America and many others.

Other Location Recording

I can also record panels or presentations for you.

Location acoustic concert and performance recording.
      No rock and roll bands please.
          Choir, chamber, orchestra and solo performance recording.
              Audition or promotion recordings - audio or video

For over two days in 2009 I lived with team 148 - The ROBOWRANGLERS at the Ga World Congress Center to capture their story in audio. 3 wireless lavs (which half the time I had no idea were they were but they were capturing the story) plus stereo plus interview mics for ieee spectrum.
And this is what ieee-spectrum made out of 8.5 GB of wave audio.
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More Details

When you need to set levels on set, the best way is "on set". It's a tough job but someone has to do it. I rode the track with recorder and mics on board to be certain all the levels worked. Atlanta Motor Speedway event.

Designed and operated conference microphone system for Yale CEO conference 2004 - 2009 including 90 to 100 participant microphones.

Dealership Interviews ready to start

A local pharmaceutical company needed to record a training series quickly while the content expert was in town. Having no studio to work in, I took several blankets to use as wall hangings and recorded the series in their offices.

Capturing the sound of a community theater large cast show takes many mics mixed to the video recorder.