Henry Howard
     the Sounddguy


Location Recording

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Interview, presentations or panels. Radio or Audio for Video.

If you need an interview recorded for use in your video, corporate communications or web audio podcast, I can help. I record in the field with CF or SD cards with Sound Devices recorders and Sennheiser, AKG, AT, Sanken, Shure, Oktava, or EV microphones. ( Audio Gear ) .


Radio Stringer / Tape Sync
Known in the radio industry as a stringer or tape sync, I can go to your subjects location, do a quick equipment set up and you can interview the subject using the telephone. If you record your questions at the same time, the two recordings can be married together to create what sounds like an over the table interview. This is often referred to as a double ender or tape sync. After the interview, my recording can be shipped to you on MD, CD or I can use the internet for an ftp or a file download to you.

I have recorded double enders for NPR, Studio 360, the Osgood Files, Market Place, The World, Weekend America, The Washington Post and many others.

Grabbing it where it's at.

Make a booth on location

Carter Center, waiting of President Carter.

Audio for Video

Live action video shoot.

Preparing to set record levels.