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Audio and Video for the Legal Community

Video depositions. Over five years experience in recording video depositions. Shooting with a Sony DSR 300 digital camera on full size DVCam tapes or mini DV with a Sony PD-170. (2 hrs/tape DVCam or 60 min Mini DV)

Audio and Video copy service. Notary Public certified complete copies.

Audio copies on location when the evidence cannot be released. ( Acting as a neutral 3rd party )

Audio enhancement for poorly recorded evidence.

Multi-format audio reading and writing and media conversion. Mini and Micro cassette, cassette [ double speed to 1/4 speed including Mask Reporter 4 track ], 1/4 inch tape [ most speed and track configurations including Mask Reporter 2 and quarter track formats ], most audio format files.

Listed resource on the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers website.